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What does this historic temple wall mural have to do with contributing to Love Taipei? Nothing. But we like it.

Love Taipei is looking for contributors to help with our goal of revealing the best that Taipei has to offer. If you want to showcase your writing or photography, or know what kind of article you would like to write, then please get in touch and tell us more. Given the nature of the site, we prefer contributors with experience of, and enthusiasm for, Taipei and Taiwan.

We accept material in both Chinese and English as the site will soon be completely bilingual. Love Taipei welcomes new material that fits into the following categories:

  • Art and design: colors and shapes – what would we do without them? We love art, and Taipei has lots of it.
  • Music: If it makes a sound and people want to listen, we want to hear about it.  Pieces on upcoming concerts, new albums and festivals are all welcome.
  • Food and drink: as Asia’s culinary capital, there are enough great bars, restaurants, cafes, teahouses, to keep any food and drink reviewer busy for a lifetime.
  • Travel:  know of a cool place that is easy to escape to and suitable for a weekend adventure out of Taipei? Please tell us more.
  • Interview: Taipei is full of interesting people – we and our readers want to know more about them!
  • Features: funky and original themes that look at the city from new and interesting angles.  If you see something that makes you think “I need to write about that!”, then let us know.
  • Sports: from baseball to bowling and rugby to roller-blading, Taipei is a city with a hard-core of sporting fanatics.
  • Anything Else: frankly, we’re interested in everything. Ballet, family activities, theater, Chinese opera, hiking, lectures, shopping, fashion, and so on ad infinitum. If you love something enough to write an article about it, and it’s happening in Taipei, please contact us.
  • What are you waiting for? Get writing and join the Love Taipei team – Taipei’s most exciting new website.

We Love Taipei! Do you?

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