MoNTUE Main Exhibition Hall

MoNTUE – An Artistic Vision

“The Museum of National Taipei University of Education (MoNTUE) represents support for a conception of wealth that thrives on art, culture, and learning.”

Taipei Biennial 2012 Waiting Hall Feature Image

Taipei Biennial 2012 – Death and Life of Fiction

“As you walk through the doors of the museum, your entire field of vision is confronted, challenged even, by a brightly-lit white screen standing five metres inside. Which way do you go? Left or right?”

Fort San Domingo, Danshui

Fortress of the Red-Haired

From downtown Taipei, Danshui looks, literally, like the end of the line: it is, after all, the last station on the ‘red’ Tamsui MRT line. Mention read more…